Automotive Monitoring and Controlling by using the Cortex M3 Microcontroller

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Automotive Monitoring and Controlling by using the Cortex M3 Microcontroller

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  • Main Objective of this concept we will monitor the automotive vehicles by using the sensor and Cortex Controller.
  • We can control this vehicle by using this cortex controller and also we can use for the protocol network by the purpose of the accurate control of the vehicle.


            In this concept we going to monitor the vehicles performance and the health of the vehicle and finally control the vehicle by using the some kind of protocol networks. A designed set of practices for a general course of Automotive Electronics is presented. The practices have been designed using the ‘mbed’ environment with the LPC1768 microcontroller. These practices aim to address the interaction of a system based on microcontroller and a real time operating system, with sensors and actuators, including buses commonly used in vehicles and OBD-II diagnostic systems. This greater growth is due to the interconnection of on board system in the vehicles by means of communication buses.

Existing System:

  • Exiting System they don’t have any specified operating system for the controlling and monitoring the vehicles.
  • Control of the vehicle is not effective in that much, same like there is no protocol for the communication between the controller and vehicle. 

Proposed System:

  • In this we will use the CAN protocol for the purpose of controls the vehicle depending upon the monitored sensor values.
  • One more thing is in this concept we used to the new Operating System to this Cortex Microcontroller.

Block Diagram:

                   Automotive Monitoring and Controlling by using the Cortex M3 Microcontroller

Block Diagram Explanation:

                  In this block diagram we have the more number of blocks like the sensor node and microcontroller and the controlling Node. By using this we going to monitor vehicle status. First we have a laser sensor, in this we used to measure distance from the node one to another node. That’s why we called this sensor like a distance sensor. MQ-6 sensor we are using to measure the any gas leakages from that vehicle and finally HS-05 sensor used to measure speed of the vehicle and finally, we collect the data and send from the Microcontroller and finally we control the vehicle by the help of the control area networking protocol. 


Hardware Tools:

  • Cortex M3 Microcontroller
  • Laser sensor
  • HS-05 sensor
  • MQ-6 sensor

Software Tools:

  • ‘mbed’ OS

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