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Top 25 Best Final Year Projects for EEE

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This Blog post provides the best Final year projects for EEE students.

Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor using IoT

IoT enabled Power Theft Identification using Raspberry PI

Multilevel inverter using TMS320F2812 DSP

Speed Control of BLDC Motor using Zeta Converter

Induction Motor controller using  Sepic Converter

NodeMCU based speed monitoring of 3 Phase Induction Motor

BLDC Motor Control using dSPIC Microcontroller´╗┐

Induction Motor Speed Control using Spartan6 FPGA Kit´╗┐

Smart Irrigation System using IoT and cloud´╗┐

Brain-Controlled Robotic Car using Raspberry Pi´╗┐

Raspberry Pi Based License Plate Recognition using OpenCV, Python

´╗┐Raspberry Pi based Home Automation using Google Assistant

Forest Fire detection using Iot

Gas Leakage Sensing and Alerting System using Raspberry Pi´╗┐

IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID´╗┐

IoT based Smart Waste Management System using Arduino´╗┐

IoT based Smart Grid System using Arduino´╗┐

IoT Based Energy Meter System Using FPGA´╗┐

IoT based Smart Irrigation System using MSP432´╗┐

Multilevel Inverter Using Arduino

DC Motor Speed Controller

Transformerless Single Phase Inverter´╗┐

LUO Converter´╗┐

Quadratic Boost Converter

Single Phase Inverter Using Arduino

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