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Artificial Intelligence – AI Projects List 2019

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This blog bost provides Artificial Intelligence Projects for student community

AI projects based on platform

  • AI projects using Python with OpenCV
    • AI projects using Hardware
      • AI projects using Raspberry Pi
      • AI projects using Nvidia Jetson Nano
      • AI projects using FPGA
    • AI projects using PC/Laptops
  • AI Projects using Matlab

AI projects based on application

  • AI based Autonomous vehicle application
    • Autonomous car 
    • Color following robotic car
    • Human tracking robot
  • AI based Health care applications
    • Cancer cell detection using deep learning
    • Brain tumor detection using deep learning
    • Breast cancer detection using deep learning
    • Skin cancer detection using deep learning
  • AI based Marketing applications
    • Sales analysis using machine learning
    • Stock market analysis using machine learning
  • AI based Voice assistance applications
    • Chatbot using dialogflow
    • AI based Interview chatbot 
    • AI based Food ordering Chatbot
    • AI based Receptionist bot 
    • AI based custom voice assistance
  • AI based Agriculture applications
    • AI based Plant disease classification using deep learning
    • Plant recognition using deep learning
    • Fruits recognition using deep learning
    • Weed plant detection using deep learning
    • Quality assessment using machine learning
  • AI based Space research application
    • semantic segmentation in satellite image
  • AI based cyber security application 
    • Intrusion detection 
    • Malware identification 
    • Spam SMS detection using machine learning
  • AI based education applications
    • Student performance analysis
    • Attendance system
  • AI based Video processing applications
  • AI based Business applications
  • AI based Insurance applications
  • AI based Banking applications
  • AI based Crime applications
  • AI based social media applications

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