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Top 20 PIC Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post provides Pic Micro controller based Projects

Gesture recognition for Robot using Gestic

Gesture controlled power point

Home automation using GestIC

Bluetooth controlled Home automation

Weather Monitoring using IoT

BLDC Motor control using PIC

V-F Control of Single Phase PWM Inverter using dsPIC30F4011

Induction Motor control using PIC

Touch panel based Home Automation

Vehicle Theft Alarm using PIC

Ethernet Enables I/O Control using Web applications

Embedded Webserver using PIC Microcontroller

GSM based Data logging using PIC Micro-controller

Gas monitoring using IoT

CAN communication using PIC

Baby bed using PIC Microcontroller

Drunken Driver Detection using PIC 

Health Care system using PIC

Smart Irrigation System using PIC Micro-controller

PIR based motion detection with alert using GSM/GPRS

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