Thermal Printer Interfacing with Arduino Uno for Data logging

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In this arduino mini project temperature is printed for every 1 minute on the thermal printer

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Thermal printer is the readily available and cost effective solution to print small bills or receipts. This easy to integrate solution is available everywhere. The printer uses thermochromic paper, a special type of paper which transforms into black color when it is exposed to a certain amount of heat. Thermal printer uses a special heating process to print on this paper. The printer head is heated in a special electrical to maintain a certain temperature. When the thermal paper passes through its head, its thermal coating turns into black where the head is heated.

In the previous project, we have interfaced Thermal printer with PIC Microcontroller. In this tutorial, we will interface a thermal printer with the Arduino Uno board. This project will work like this:-

The printer will be connected with Arduino Uno.
A tactile switch is being connected with the Arduino board to provide the ‘push to print’ option when pressed.
Onboard Arduino LED will notify the printing status. It will glow only when the printing activity is going on.

Kit Contents

Arduino UNO

Thermal Printer

RTC Module


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