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Seam Carving using Open CV Python -OpenCV Projects

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Seam Carving using Open CV Python -OpenCV Projects

Seam carving is a novel way to crop images without losing important content in the image. This is often called “content-aware” cropping or image retargeting.These seams are then removed from the original image, allowing us to resize the image while preserving the most salient regions (the original algorithm also supports adding seams, allowing us to increase the image size as well).

The proposed system,we are used seam carving algorithm.The seam carving algorithm works by finding connected pixels called seams with low energy (i.e., least important) that traverse the entire image from left-to-right or top-to-bottom.

Thus, in order to perform seam carving we need two important inputs ,The original image and energy map.The energy map should represent the most salient regions of the image. Typically, this is either the gradient magnitude representation entropy maps, or saliency maps.

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