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Single Phase Transistorized Inverter

single-Phase-Transisterized-inverter PART NO: PS-LAB-1P-TRAN-INV

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Learning Center

  • All Components are terminated with a connector for the study of Students.
  • One no of potentiometer is provided to vary the Frequency.
  • Another potentiometer is provided to vary current source.
  • Inbuilt power supply for Frequency generation.
  • DSPIC Controller based inbuilt Firing Scheme. No Need of separate firing module.
  • Snubber circuit is provided to all devices.
  • All the important points are terminated with banana connector for monitor/measure/ study the signals using any one of measuring equipments.
  • Inbuilt fixed DC power supply for Inverter circuit.
  • Fully enclosed with metal powder coated cabinet.
  • Design of Single Phase Transistorized Inverter.
  • Kit Working voltage:(220-240)VAC
  • Input Voltage: 30VDC
  • Current rating:2A
Bundle Contents
  • Single Phase Transistorized Inverter kit
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 2A Fuse
  • User Manual of Kit
  • Accessories


    • Value 0-200 Ohm 2 A
  • Single-Phase-Transistorized-inverter.pdf

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