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Single Phase Dual Converter

sigle-phase-dual-converter PART NO: PS-LAB-1P-DUAL-CON

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Learning Center

  • 8 no’s of Isolated gate pulses for `P' group and `N' group SCR converter.
  • One DPDT switch is provided for selection of Dual converter with circulating current mode and without circulating current mode.
  • One potentiometer is provided to vary the firing angle with circulating current mode
  • One pulse ON/OFF switch and power ON/OFF switch is provided.
  • Necessary test points provided for measurement.
  • All components are housed in a fine screen printed cabinet.
  • Design of single phase dual converter
  • Input voltage:110V
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Output Voltage:140V DC
Bundle Contents
  • Single phase Dual Converter Kit
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • User Manual of Kit
  • 0.25HP Motor
  • Single_Phase_Doul.pdf

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