Image registration using opencv


Image registration using opencv

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Image registration using opencv

Image registration is a digital image processing technique which helps us align different images of the same scene. For instance, one may click the picture of a book from various angles. Below are a few instances that show the diversity of camera angle.The image registration algorithm helps us align the second and third pictures to the same plane as the first one.Match features from the image to be aligned, to the reference image and store the coordinates of the corresponding keypoints. Keypoints are simply the selected few points which are used to compute the transform (generally points that stand out), and descriptors are histograms of the image gradients to characterize the appearance of a keypoint. In this post, we use ORB (Oriented FAST and Rotated BRIEF) implementation in the OpenCV library, which provides us with both keypoints as well as their associated descriptors and apply homomorphy transform to get the output image.

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