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Blockchain Masterclass – 21 Days Challenge

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Blockchain 21 Days Challenge

What you will

Section 1: Cryptocurrency & Block Chain | Day – 1, 2, 3
✅Crypto Currency & Block Chain
✅What Is Block Chain
✅Transaction In Distributed Network
✅Security Properties Of Hash Functions
✅Currency Generation
✅Distributed Ledger Technology
✅Merkle Trees
✅Basic Parameters Of A Consensus Mechanism
✅Proof-Of-Elapsed Time
✅Side Chains

Section 2:Bitcoin & Blockchain | Day- 4 , 5
✅What Is Bitcoin
✅Jaxx Wallet
✅Transaction Inputs
✅Various Transaction Forms In Bitcoin

Section 3: Bitcoin Mining | Day- 6, 7
✅Economics Of Bitcoin
✅Combining Transactions Into Blocks
✅Mining & The Hashing Race
✅How Practically Bitcoins Can Be Generated
✅How To Use Bitminter.Com

Section 4: Ethereum | Day – 8 , 9, 10, 11
✅Transactions In Ethereum
✅Ethereum Development Technologies
✅Platform Functions In Ethereum
✅Types Of Dapps
✅How To Setup Ethereum Block Chain
✅Array Literals/Inline Arrays
✅Operation And Functions In Solidity
✅Constant Variables
✅Ethereum Block Chain Implementation
✅Solidity Inheritance
✅Function Modifiers

Section 5: Setting up private blockchain environment using Ethereum Platform | Day- 12, 13
✅Setting Up Private Blockchain Environment On Our System
✅Remix IDE In Ethereum
✅Creating Blockchain-Genesis Block
✅Executing The Commands: Creating A New Account

Section 6:Hyperledger | Day- 14, 15, 16, 17
✅Intro To Hyperlegder Blockchain –
✅Goals Of Hyperledger
✅Application Programming Interface
✅Sawtooth Lake
✅Hyperledger Components
✅Hyperledger Fabric Roadmap
✅Business Model Archive
✅Business Network Execution

Section 7: Setting up development Program using Hyperledger composer | Day- 18, 19
✅Hyperledger Composer
✅Installing And Setting Up Hyperledger Fabric On Linux Virtual Machine
✅Components And Composers Needed To Install
✅Installing And Setting Up Hyperledger Fabric On Linux Virtual Machine

Section 8:Create or deploy our private Blockchain on Multi chain | Day-20
✅Introduction To Multichain
✅Install Multichain
✅Practical Continuation

Section 9 : Prospect of Block chain | Day- 21
✅Prospects Of Blockchain
✅Use Case: Car Leasing & Sales – DocuSign
✅Use Case: Supply Chain Management
✅Blockchain Based Capital Market System

Note : Agenda might be modified little bit on the time of event

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