Transient Characteristics of TRIAC

Transient Characteristics of TRIAC

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Overall rating

To Study and verify Transient characteristics of TRIAC.

Apparatus required

  • Transient Characteristics of TRIAC kit.
  • Patch chords.
  • Power chord.
  • DSO or CRO.

Mimic Diagram for TRIAC

Circuit Diagram


Experiment Steps

  • Connections are made as shown in the circuit diagram.
  • Switch on SW1 for Kit supply.
  • Switch on SPDT Switches correspondingly.
  • Connect CRO across Drain and Source.
  • Measure     -Turn off voltage     - Turn on voltage     - Turn off delay time     - Turn on delay time.

Note: If the connections are made wrong the kit may get damaged. Please switch off the kit when not in use.

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