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Orbbec Persee: World’s First 3D Camera-Computer


   3d camera computer

What  is the use of 3D camera computer?


Our high-performance 3D cameras are already being used by multiple makers, entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses. Soon, intelligent computers with 3D cameras will improve all aspects of our lives. Here are some cool things that you can do with Persee today


  • Digital & Interactive Art—you can build interactive experiences and installations. 3D camera  can recognize & respond to people in real time and can create  colored point clouds visualizations of our world. Orbbec 3d camera  will support several creative coding frameworks, including Processing, openFrameworks, and Unity 3D, so you can focus on your creative vision.
  • Maker Projects— With Windows, OS X, Linux, and Android support, Persee’s 3D camera is excellent for makers and hackers. Create highly accurate 3D scans for your 3D print projects. Add vision and autonomous navigation to your drones and robotics projects. You can even use Persee’s powerful ARM CPU as your robot’s brain.
  • Home & Work—Tinker and automate with your daily routine. Persee lets you track and respond to humans, and even see in the dark. Deliver your next presentation slideshow via gesture. Automatically track your cat’s movements. Control the lights and music at your next house party. Turn your ideas—both the practical and weird—into reality.
  • Research—Researchers worldwide need state-of-the-art 3D cameras for a variety of projects, including work that’s focused on machine perception, accessibility, early childhood education, and education therapies. Our Persee camera-computer is excellent for research that requires computer vision, people and object tracking, and virtual and augmented reality.
  • Coding platform—Learn to code, or use it to teach others. Go deep with Linux development with Persee. How better to learn programming than a computer that can respond to people, objects, and environments
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