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This pantech blog, results you about 200+ AI projects based on Matlab, projects based on AI Hardware (Jetson, FPGA & Raspberry Pi and other), projects based on system level projects.

A Vision Module for Visually Impaired People by Using Raspberry Pi Platform – Raspberry Pi

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Published in: 2019 15th International Conference on Engineering of Modern Electric Systems (EMES)

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In this project you will learn to build the deep learning model to recognize the object by using Pre-trained model in the hardware Raspberry pi. The model used here is MobileNet.

A High-Throughput and Power-Efficient FPGA Implementation of YOLO CNN for Object Detection – FPGA

Published in: IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems ( Volume: 27 , Issue: 8 , Aug. 2019 )

It is implemented using FPGA PYNQ Z2 for object detection in an image using YOLO (You Only Look Once) with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network). It has high throughput for performing CNN applications, to load and apply YOLO model for classification.

Design of Moving Object Detection System Based on FPGA – FPGA

Published in: 2018 10th International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems (ICCCAS)

In this project Moving object detection is done at real time using Computer vision on FPGA, with the help of Jupyter notebook compatibility in PYNQ Z2 FPGA board by Xilinx.

A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Food Detection and Recognition – Matlab

Published in: 2018 IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES)

Food recognition using Matlab is done through CNN using deep learning in Matlab with its support packages. It is done to recognize the Indian food such as Dosa, Idly etc.

Facial Emotion recognition using Deep Learning -Matlab

Landmark recognition using Deep Learning-Matlab

Gujarati Character Recognition using Tensorflow – Matlab

Hindi Character Recognition using Deep learning-Matlab

Depth Estimation using Deep learning-Matlab

Object Recognition using Alexnet-Matlab

Logo Recognition using Deep Learning -Matlab

Vehicle Identification Using Deep learning for ADAS -Matlab

Image Category Classification using Bag of features-Matlab

Image Category Classification using Deep Learning-Matlab

Cardiac Arrhythmia detection using Deep Learning – Matlab

Fruit Detection System Using Deep Neural Networks -Matlab

Coin Recognition using Image Processing -Matlab

Flowers classification using Transfer Learning -Matlab

Optical flow estimation using Deep Learning-Matlab

Image Denoising using Pretrained Neural Network-Matlab

Image Deblocking using Deep Learning-Matlab

Pedestrian Detection using Deep Learning-Matlab

Image Retrieval using Bag of Features – Matlab

Image Super Resolution using Deep Learning – Matlab

Leaf disease detection using CNN-Deep learning – Matlab

Glaucoma Detection using Deep Learning – Matlab

Lung Cancer Detection using Deep Learning –  Matlab

Lane and Curve Detection using Deep Learning for Driving Assistance System –  Matlab

Blood Cell Classification using CNN -Deep Learning approach –  Matlab

License Plate Recognition using Fast RCNN and OCR – Matlab

Breast Masses Detection using Deep Learning –  Matlab

Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Learning – Matlab

Banana Leaf Disease Detection using CNN – Matlab

Banana Ripe Stage Detection using Deep learning -Matlab

Image Classification using GoogLeNet for Visually Impaired – Matlab

Semantic Segmentation using Deep Learning – Matlab

Robot Car Control based on Traffic Sign Recognition using Arduino and Matlab

Sign Language Recognition using Densenet-Deep Learning –  Matlab

Fruit Recognition using Deep Learning – Matlab

Lung Nodule Detection in Xray Images using CNN – Matlab

Malnutrition Detection using Deep Learning –  Matlab

Real Time Leaf Disease Detection using Alexnet – Matlab

Diabetic Retinopathy using CNN- Matlab

Real time face detection using Raspberry pi with Intel Movidius 

3D Point cloud classification using CNN

Aerial Cactus Identification using Deep learning

Tweet affect identification using Deep learning

Age and Gender classification using Deep learning

Personality prediction using Deep learning

Liver cancer detection using deep learning

Game development using Reinforcement learning

Bird Identification using deep learning

Cardio disease prediction

Automatic cast search using Machine learning

Heart disease prediction using Machine learning

Chatbot using RNN

Image classification based on visual content

Sleep disorder classification from EEG Signal using deep learning

Fraud detection using deep learning

Semantic segmentation 

Wildlife conservation using CNN

Concrete mix estimation using Decision tree

Cosmos classification using CNN

Leaf segmentation using deep learning

Dengue disease prediction using deep learning

Weapon detection using deep learning

Image pair detection using deep learning

Retinal vessel segmentation using deep learning

Dog breed classification using deep learning

Drowsiness detection in image

Fake news detection using machine learning

Speech analysis for detecting the emotion

Emotion prediction from bio signals

Emotion detection using CNN

Eye wink detection from EEG Signal

Face detection using deep learning

Face recognition using deep learning

Footprint classification using deep learning

Forest fire detection using CNN

Sales prediction using machine learning

Video creation from the text

Landmark recognition using deep learning

Heart disease prediction using Machine learning

House price prediction

Human activity detection using deep learning

Human activity recognition using deep learning

Human detection using deep learning

Image classification using CNN

Image to text conversion using deep learning

Image to speech conversion

Object localisation using Neural network

Chatbot for interview

Intrusion detection using deep learning

Kidney tumor detection using deep learning

Lane detection using deep learning

AI based Segmentation of Liver tumor

Analysis of Malware detection using CNN

AI based Mortality prediction

Pose estimation using deep learning

Pose tracking using deep learning

Multi object detection using deep learning

AI based Path identification 

Pedestrian detection using YOLO

Personality prediction using deep learning

Plant leaf disease detection using deep learning

 Pneumothorax classification using deep learning

Pothole detection using deep learning

AI based Power consumption estimation

Future sales prediction using machine learning

Crop categories classification using deep learning

Titanic survival prediction using Machine learning

AI based Age prediction using deep learning

Multiple object detection using Deep learning

AI based vehicle classification

Dengue disease prediction using Machine learning

Earthquake damage prediction using machine learning

Road Asset detection using Machine learning

AI based road crack detection using deep learning

Road damage prediction using machine learning

AI based Multiple language mixed sentence prediction

AI based Rumour prediction using machine learning 

Thoracic organ damage prediction

AI based 3-D object detection for AR, VR and LIDAR 3D scans

Semantic segmentation of satellite images using Deep learning

AI SPAM message classification using Machine learning

Online Harassment prediction using machine learning

Skin disease detection using deep learning

Stock market prediction using deep learning

Video object segmentation using computer vision

Video segmentation using deep learning

AI based surveillance system

Hand gesture recognition using deep learning

Water quality prediction using Machine learning

Wake up word detection using Machine learning

Weed detection for agriculture using deep learning

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  1. using AI augmented reality is possible and Video creation from the text explanation of this project and nice projects list

    1. AI based augmented reality is possible on large AR industries for gaming development, here opencv and Matlab is used for vision based AI application

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