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Top 10 Gesture recognition projects for Engineering Student Projects

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This blog post explains the list of gesture recognition projects using various gesture recognition technology

List of Gesture Recognition Project Ideas and Abstracts

Gesture Controlled Robot

Pantech gesture recognition kit could be used for Hand Position Tracking in three dimensions (x, y, z) and Hand Gesture Recognition and robotic car.

Matlab Code for Gesture Recognition using Real Time Cameraο»Ώ

Hand gesture recognition possesses extensive applications in virtual reality, sign language recognition, and computer games. The direct interface of hand gestures provides us a new way for communicating with the virtual environment.

Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Learning in Matlab

Hand gesture is a natural way for humans to interact with the computers to perform variety of applications. Using Deep learning which is efficient for image recognition system is used to find the hand gesture which is captured dynamically. In particular the Convolutional neural network is used for better performance. The model is trained with static hand gesture images. The Convolutional neural network is created without using a Pre-trained model.

Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm

This Project uses arduino,microchip gest ic sensors and OWI robot arm.Gestures are recognized by using microchip gestic technology and send via bluetooth to the arduino

Home Automation using Leap Motion

Leap motion uses camera and infrared led for gesture sensing,in thsi project we interfaced leapmotion with matlab,matlab sends command to arduino via bluetooth,relay and stepper motor are interfaced with he arduino controller.

Human Action Recognition using Matlab

In this project neural network is used to recognize the human action recognition

Leap Motion Controlled Arduino Robot

This project  control the robotic car  based on our hand movement and gestures. Data from a Leap Motion controller which detects gestures and hand movement, are captured by Matlab and the control signals are send from Matlab to Robotic car which has Arduino and Bluetooth module. Leap Motion, This project  uses an Arduino based  robot car, which can be controlled by gestures using a controller device called as Leap Motion

Leap Motion Controlled Arduino Robotic ARM

This project control the robotic arm based on our hand movement and gestures data from a Leap Motion controller

Gesture Based Home Automation System using Spartan6 FPGA Project kit

Gesture based Home Automation system is advanced method of controlling home appliances using spartan6 FPGA kit and gesture recognition kit. The gesture kit accepts various hand gestures such us, left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top and send the data to FPGA kit. Finally FPGA control door lock open/close and bulb On/Off through relay.

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