Pneumonia detection in XRay Images using Deep learning


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Pneumonia is a disease which occurs in the lungs caused by a bacterial infection. Early diagnosis is an important factor in terms of the successful treatment process. Generally, the disease can be diagnosed from chest X-ray images by an expert radiologist. The diagnoses can be subjective for some reasons such as the appearance of disease which can be unclear in chest X-ray images or can be confused with other diseases. Therefore, computer-aided diagnosis systems are needed to guide the clinicians. In this study, we used two well-known convolutional neural network models Xception and Vgg16 for diagnosing of pneumonia. We used transfer learning and fine-tuning in our training stage. The test results showed that Vgg16 network exceed Xception network at the accuracy with 0.87%, 0.82% respectively. However, the Xception network achieved a more successful result in detecting pneumonia cases.

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