Moving Object Detection using Background Subtraction in Matlab


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We present an algorithm for moving object detection from video sequences. Here we propose new method for the movement detection i.e. Background subtraction method .We establishes reliable background updating model by using threshold method to detect complete moving object. By using filtering background disturbance and noise will be eliminated. The used method will quickly and accurately runs and fit for real-time detection.


Detection of moving object in an image sequences is crucial issue of moving video. A very common difficulty in the detection of moving object is the presence of ego motion. We solve it by computing the dominant motion . Visual surveillance is a very active research area in computer vision. The use of this concept in surveillance for security, fight against terrorism and crime. The main task includes motion detection , object classification ,tracking activity. The detection of moving objects in video streams is the first relevant step of information extraction in many computer vision applications. Many organizations and institutions needs to secure their facilities thus need to use security and surveillance systems that are equipped with latest technology. Intelligent video sensors were developed to support security systems to detect unexpected movement without human intervention. The important information of move , location , speed and any desired information of target from the captured frames can be taken from the camera and can be transferred to the analysis part of the system. Movement detection is one of these intelligent systems to which detect and tracks moving targets. There are different methods to detect moving objects but these methods having some limitations for real time application. Due to this reason, in this paper we use background subtraction method, which is more suitable for real time application which gives accurate result. 


  • Frame Differencing
  • Morphological filtering
  • Updating Background 


In this paper we use method in which single static camera to capture video for that captured video we convert in to frame and apply background subtraction method with updating background. An image coding involves three parts encoder, representation and decoder . Tracking moving object in cluttered scene is also done by background modeling. Two processes involved in this method are technique to extract an initial background model when background situation changes at later time knowledge segmentation and edge detection is used in this modeling. Different types of moving objects share similarities but also express differences in terms of their dynamic behavior and the nature of movement 




  • Better accuracy in segmentation under various illuminations
  • Less time consuming process
  • Flexibility in background updating model
  • It is less sensitive to background noise 


  • Video surveillance
  • Machine Vision systems
  • Object Recognition 


A real computer vision system able to model a stationary object background or a movement object background in cluttered environment has been presented. The proposed system is based on the modeling of the structure of the scene. The quality of the detection is improved when the background is highly texture .Therefore in our future works we will use this modeling method in our object tracking system for tracking rigid and non –rigid movement object


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