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Top 100+ Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post consist of collection of  arduino projects  for engineering students. The collection consist of Internet of things,embedded system,Real time automation and application .

Arduino based Robotics projects

Walking Robot using Arduino nano

This project is based on arduino nano,it could walk ,dance and evaluate obstacle based detection .

Voice Controlled Robot using Arduino

This project use voice control app using mobile phone,this robot is controlled by voice commands.this robot was connected to the mobile thru bluetooth.

Brain Controlled Robotic ARM uisng Arduino

This project explains to control the robotic arm using eeg signals from the brain.

Brain Controlled Robot using  Arduino

Brain Controlled Robot -With this product you could start and stop the robot using your eeg signal of the brain.It uses brainsense sensor to measure the attention from the eeg signals of your brain.

Bluetooth Based Robot Control Using Arduino

Android controlled arduino robot car  make use of an Android mobile phone for robotic control with the help of HC-05 Bluetoothtechnology. This is a simple robotics projects using arduino microcontroller. This project is a bluetooth controlled robot. For this the android mobile user has to install an application on her/his mobile. This android application could be downloaded in the android market.

Wifi Controlled robot

This wifi based robot uses arduino and esp8266 module,user can control the robot thru wifi using mobile or PC.

Arduino Controlled Robotic arm

This product contains owi robot arm with arduino shiel,so that the robot arm is controlled using arduino.The shield also integrated with bluetooth module so it could be controlled via bluetooth.

Line follower robot using Arduino

Line follower robot uses arduino uno and sensor array ,it is a robot which follows a certain path controlled by a feed back mechanism.

Mems Controlled Robot

Mems Controlled Robot -This is a gesture controlled robot based on mems technology.It uses an arduino car and mems sensor.

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

Obstacle Avoidance robot is one which can avoid an obstacle by using ultrasound sensor and navigate in its own path.

Arduino based automation projects

Arduino based Home Automation

People have smartphones with them all the time. So it makes sense to use these to control home appliances using smart phones. Presented here is a home automation system using a simple Android app, which you can use to control electrical appliances with clicks. Commands are sent via Bluetooth(HC05) to Arduino Uno, Which controls the relay operation( ON or OFF). So you need not get up to switch on or switch off the device while watching a movie or doing some work.

Fault Diagnosis and Small Wind Turbine Monitoring using Arduino

This project is used to monitor the fault diagnosis and prediction of wind turbine.

PLCC Based Device Control using Arduino

This project uses power line for communication ,you could turn on the device using power lines.

Arduino IoT Projects

IoT Based temperature monitoring using Arduino

Using Internet of Things (IOT), we can control any electronic equipment in homes and industries. Moreover, you can read a data from any sensor and analyse it graphically from anywhere in the world. Here, we can read temperature and humidity data from DHT11 sensor and upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using Arduino Uno and ESP8266-01 module

IoT based Water Quality Management System using Arduino

This project explains water quality monitoring to cloud using arduino

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