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Augmented Reality Virtual Keyboard

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               Even after millions of years we use our five natural senses to sense the things, which include eyes, ears, nose, tongue mind and body to perceive information about those things which in turn helps us to take decisions and perform particular actions. But the information which we gather from our five senses is not sufficient, the data and information which we get these from online. Even though computing devices allows us to carry anywhere any time which helping us to connect to the information what we demand, but still there is no interaction between the digital devices and the physical world. Sixth sense bridges this gap between the digital world and physical world. This allows us to interact with the digital world with our gestures. The Virtual Keyboard is an adaptation of the 6th sense technology, it works on a similar principle of hand movement/gesture control to perform simple functions like Right/Left click, Scroll control etc., which would otherwise have to be performed with the help of a mouse or a keyboard. The colour stickers which are at the tip of the user’s fingers, marking the user’s colour fingers to detect position on the keyboard image. Image processing technique is an important basis for the implementation of this technology. The main aspect of this gesture based device is the capturing of hand movements by the camera which interprets and processes the acquired information, the processing of this information, in the form of images is done with the help of open CV and raspberry pi.

Existing System :

  • Physical keyboard

Proposed  System :

  • Virtual keys are using as gesture

Advantages :

  • Its primary use is when you need to type without a physical keyboard present.

Block Diagram :

augmented reality virtual keyboard

Block Diagram Explanation :

              The system consists of Raspberry pi, camera and monitor. The camera is used to capture and recognises an object in view and tracks the user’s hand gestures using computer-vision based techniques. It sends the data to the Raspberry pi. The camera, in a sense, acts as a digital eye, seeing what the user sees. It also tracks the movements of the thumbs and index fingers of both of the user’s hands. When the user touch upon the keyboard ,the axis coordination’s are found ,in this coordination’s are compared with already taken template coordination and to find which key is user pressed by using raspbian language and open CV library.

Hardware : 

  • ARM11 Raspberry Pi board
  • Camera
  • Robot

Software :

  • Linux
  • OpenCV

Applications :

  • Real time application
  • Android application 

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