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RFID User Manual

PSRFiD-125KHz is low cost proximity reader module board works with industry standard 125 KHz frequency. It indicates card read successful through LED indicator and alarm. No need any external supply (adaptors) power draws form PC’s USB port.

Base Board Specifications

  • On-Board USB Port.
  • Data Flow Indicators (Rx)
  • Power ON status Indication LED.
  • On Board Buzzer Rx Indication
  • DB9 Connector for PC or MCU Interface.

General Block Diagram
rfid general block diagram
RFID Module DT125R Series

The DT125R series RFID Proximity OEM Reader Module has a built-in antenna in minimized form factor. It is designed to work on the industry standard carrier frequency of 125 kHz. This LF reader module with an internal or an external antenna facilitates communication with Read-Only transponders—type UNIQUE or TK5530 via the air interface. The tag data is sent to the host systems via the wired communication interface with a protocol selected from the module pin out.

The LF DT125R module is best suited for applications in Access Control, Time and Attendance, Asset Management, Handheld Readers, Immobilizers, and other RFID enabled applications.

RFID Specifications

  • Size (L X B X H) in mm- 30 X 30 X 10
  • Operating Frequency- 125 kHz
  • Reading Range- >= 50 mm
  • Interface- UART, Wiegand26
  • Antenna- Built-in/Pinout for an external antenna
  • Supply Voltage- +5 V
  • Operating Temperature- -10°C to +50°C (-14°F to +122°F)
  • Tag Types- Unique and TK5530
  • Output Format- ASCII or Wiegand26


  • Plug and Play
  • RS232 – Interface (directly connect PC’s COM Port)
  • Facility connect microcontroller directly Reading Range >=5cm | LED | Beeper control
  • Built-in antenna | Small size | Low Cost
  • Designed to detect and read/write Hitag2 and TK5561 tags
  • ASCII Type Format

Pin Details of RFID (DT-125R) Modules
XBee Board Details

Power Supply

The USB Port is used to provide power to the RFID Modules and other peripherals. PC to USB Port is provided power to the board (voltage: +5v).

I/O & Power LEDs

LEDs indicate RFID Modules activity as follows:

  • Red (bottom right)= Power/Association Indicator
  • Red (bottom left)= RFID Tag Receiver Indicator
Serial Port

Standard female DB-9 (RS-232) connector.

Note : Male – Female 9-pin Straight cable (Rx-Rx | Tx-Tx)(baud rate :9600).