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Whisker bot

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          Because of their poor eyesight, rats rely on their whiskers (also called vibrissae) to obtain three-dimensional tactile information about the surrounding world, including the shape and texture of nearby surfaces. This process is in many ways analogous to the manner by which humans use their fingertips to infer tactile information from nearby objects.

       Whiskers for robots are simple switch-type sensors that work like an animal’s whiskers detecting nearby objects in the environment. When disturbed, the sensor sends a pulse to the robot to indicate that an obstacle is present. If obstacle is present means the robot chase was move backward direction after turn right/left then it will goes to looking forward direction.



  • Whisker
  • Arduino
  • Logic circuits
  • Battery
  • BO motors
  • BO motor wheel
  • Acrylic Robot chase
  • Caster wheel


whisker bot

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