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What is CoolTool?

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A Combination of Hardware and software which uses neuromarketing technologies for online survey. Cooltool uses emotion Measurement,EEG,Eye Tracking and Mouse Tracking.NeuroLab Kit includes one Eye Tracker – device that is used to collect eye tracking data, and one EEG Headset – device for collecting brain activity data for NeuroLab tests.

Tools Used by CoolTool

neuromarketing tools

What is Cooltool EEG Headset?

There are various ways to measure brain activity. Cooltool  uses Mindwave mobile from neurosky to measure EEG Activity .It is used  to understand user’s mental states. EEG enables you to monitor user’s emotional states in real-time. It can show if a customer is frustrated when they experience usability problems and also when they really like a product. For example, during online shopping, brain activity can be measured with EEG, and participants can comment about their experiences in debriefing interview. It can also be used to assess emotional engagement during interaction with products.

What is Cooltool Eye Tracking?

Cooltool Eye Tracking helps you discover where customers see in the monitor.It helps to track the eye movement so Marketer can analyze where they see on a Particular Image or Video.

What is NeuroLab Mouse Tracking?

NeuroLab Mouse Tracking helps you discover how customers browse.

What is NeuroLab Emotions Measurement?

NeuroLab Emotions Measurement helps you discover how customers feel.
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