Water Quality Monitoring Using Nodemcu Esp8266

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In this project, we are using the PH sensor to find the quality of water. We have some more sensors like turbidity, Flow Sensor, conductivity sensor, solenoid valve. By using this sensor value, we calculate the continually and taking the data, analyze after any problem in the sensor value we will calculate to the water purity and sent the alert Email to the authorized person by using the IoT Technologies. 

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This Project Proposes a system, that system performs water quality monitoring and Regulated water supply operation. We have some more sensors like pH, Turbidity, Flow Sensor, conductivity sensor, solenoid valve. By using this sensor value, we calculate the continually and taking the data, analyze after any problem in the sensor value we will calculate to the water purity and sent the alert Email to the authorized person by using the IoT Technologies. We have the purity sensor and pH sensor by using this we got the sensor values, at last, we get the alert Email. A most important role in human daily life is water such as drinks of human, farming, livestock breeding and also manufacturing. However, urbanization modernization and industrialization had cause pollution to the clean water source for the usage of agriculture. Therefore, it is vital to have a water quality monitoring tool that provides real-time water quality data and covers a large area. Although the research of the water quality monitoring system is widely done and applied, the current system is still expensive, small coverage and not user-friendly. Moreover, most of the WQMS developed is not suitable for agriculture purposes due to the usage of unsuitable sensors. Thus, affordable, large coverage and user-friendly wireless water quality monitoring system with suitable sensors is proposed to assist the authority effectively in maintaining the health of the natural water source around the area. Here, a low-cost, large coverage and user-friendly water quality monitoring system with multi-sensor which is based on Wi-Fi Technology is presented. The process of designing the system involves three main parts which are hardware development, software development and also wireless network process. For the hardware development part, different types of the sensor will be employed and the sensors will be integrated with a microcontroller. As for the software development, a few programming software is integrated for data acquisition, processing and displaying. Finally, for the wireless network process, the wireless network module is used for data transmitting and receiving while the website is used to display the obtained data.


In recent years, pollution especially water pollution has become one of the major issues that are faced by countries around the world. The increase in the number of factories and vehicles had caused the emission of plague water and chemical to the river, sea, and pond. Besides, the plagued air that is released to the atmosphere also causes acid rain to occur when the chemical is mixed with the water in the atmosphere. The acid rain will damage the building and reduce the lifespan of the building. Moreover, the use of excessive fertilizer in agriculture will lead to excessive nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The excess nutrient will cause the harmful algae blooms which will reduce the dissolved oxygen in the water and threaten aquatic life. Hence, it is important to monitor the water quality constantly so that immediate action can be taken to counter water pollution. Water quality is described as the general composition of water with reference to its chemical, physical and biological properties. Water is a limited natural resource and it is very essential for human beings. This is because nowadays, humans use water for daily chores such as hydration, washing, cooking, and others. Aside from that, water is also a vital substance for most of the human activity such as agriculture, industrial manufacturing, animal rearing, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the water at high quality so that the water is saved for the consumption of human and human activity. Nowadays, WQM is performed by integrating advanced technologies to achieve a larger amount, more precise and accurate data for better data analysis. The technology such as a microcontroller system and electrical and electronic sensors are implemented for a better result. Further improvement of WQM systems is done by applying the concept of the wireless sensor network (WSN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve effective results in supporting the capture, analysis, and transmission of water quality data. Besides the capability of the system to acquire and process data at various distributed spot in a short manner of time is also reducing the manpower required to perform the QM. Realizing the advantages of integration between the microcontroller system and WSN for WQM, this project is motivated to develop a low-cost WQM system with large coverage and user-friendly based on Wi-Fi technology. This project is carried out by developing a prototype of a water quality monitoring system using the WSN technology system and microcontroller system. The scope of the development includes hardware and software. The multi-sensor circuit is designed to collect data. The sensor that is applied in the system is a conductivity sensor, pH sensor, Flow sensor, Turbidity sensor, solenoid valve, and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) sensor. The system is able to measure, collect and display the readings of the water quality. Subsequently, the collected data is transmitted to the IoT platform via the Wi-Fi shield. The Wi-Fi shield is used as the medium to transmit the data due to Wi-Fi is able to transfer a higher amount of data and the data transfer rate of Wi-Fi is also higher compared to another medium. The data collected from the sensors is stored and displayed via the IoT platform to ensure there is no data loss during the process of data transmission.

Block Diagram

block diagram of Water Quality Monitoring Using Nodemcu Esp8266

Block Diagram Description

  • In this block diagram, we added the sensors to measure the water is quality or not
  • Ph sensor is using to find the drinkable water or not. That means the water level is 6 to 8.
  • The solenoid valve is using water tap open and close. If the ph sensor value is 6 to 8 means the valve is open otherwise it was close only in this project.
  • The flow sensor is counting the liter of water pumped. We have a limit of water pumping if count will increasing means solenoid valve was closed
  • The conductivity sensor is using to find the conductivity level in the water.
  • The turbidity sensor finds the water flowing or not.
  • This sensor data are sent to the Thingspeak cloud from that analyzing the data. If any abnormal value means IFTTT will send the Email to the authorized person.

Hardware Requirement

  • NodeMcu esp8266
  • Ph sensor
  • Solenoid valve
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Turbidity sensor
  • Flow sensor

Software Requirement

  • Arduino IDE
  • ORCAD Design
  • Thingspeak  application

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