Virtual Motion Recognition using Raspberry pi


Virtual Motion Recognition using Raspberry pi

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                   This is the method we find the motion of the particular object we going draw or write the exact mean of that particular motion. By achieve this exact process we will going to use the some algorithms, that algorithm is Hidden Markov Algorithm. If we get motion in front of our sensor it will recognize by use this algorithm it’s generate and draw the exact mean of the motion. In existing system of this concept they use analyze the motion and draw approximate output in screen. But our method we draw the exact motion and we also used this method for the virtual key generation and this output we show like 2-D trajectory and also we will recognize the word error of the exact drawing. We will analyze the 6-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) motion of the recognition.

 Existing System:

  •  In this exiting they recognize the approximate motion and draw that output.
  •  In this output it is not virtual view.

Proposed System:

  • In this concept we can used to make virtual keyboard also.
  • Output shows like virtual reality.
  • More than accuracy of the key recognition.

Block Diagram:

                           Virtual Motion  Recognition using Raspberry pi


Hardware Tools:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Motion sensor
  • Monitor

Software Tools:

  •  Raspbian Jessie OS
  •  Python
  •  Open CV


  •  More accurate motion detection
  •  Multitasking
  •  Low word error rate

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