Vein Detection system using OpenCV

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Vein Detection system using OpenCV

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Vein Detection system using OpenCV


      Non-invasive vein detection for intravenous (IV) procedures can be carried out using infrared (IR) rays for the purpose of illuminating a region, and then using an infrared camera for observing it. The image is processed using different techniques on the OpenCV software platform. We further propose the creation of a centralized database system for the management of patient data, which will securely store the previously captured images of the patient’s venous system for the healthcare professional’s records, thereby increasing the staff productivity and patient satisfaction as well as bettering overall clinical workflow.

Proposed System

  •  The captured vein image is then is passed through levels of processing using Open CV and image enhancement techniques are used to obtain a clear image of the veins.
  • The processed image of venous pattern is available for use simultaneously, and is also uploaded to a centralized database accessible to doctors and medical practitioners of the hospital, along with the patient information.


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