Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using LiFi , ARM

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Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using LiFi , ARM

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Li-Fi is a new paradigm for short range wireless technology to provide unprecedented connectivity within a localized data-centric environment. Li Fi is a transmission of data through illumination, sending data through a led light bulb that varies in intensity faster than human eye can follow. This sort of communication can be called as Visible light communication (VLC). Using this technique, the user can transmit the data through light from one device to another.In recent years, wireless networks and applications have achieved marvellous successes in government, enterprise, home, and personal communication systems. Li-Fi technology works on a simple digital principle which is nothing but an led is ON a digital data 1 can be transmitted and if it is OFF digital data 0 can be transmitted. So, in this project work we are going to switching the LEDs very quickly. These fast switching can be achieved by PWM technique to transmit digital data stream containing strings. To acquire this, we are programming the microcontroller to varies the duty cycle of the PWM signal which has the task of regulating the current in the LED. The biased current is fed to LED driver unit. The power of LED is varied according to the waveform of data signal. At the receiver side photodiode sensor produces a current proportional to the received instantaneous power. This Paper Proposes Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using Li-Fi.


  • High radiation
  • No data secure
  • Health hazard


  • No interference on RF signal
  • Illumination  and  communication
  • Optical output is varied at extremely high speed
  • Unutilized electromagnetic spectrum
  • Can be used in more environment
  • No health problems



Transmission Section

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using LiFi 1

Receiver Section

Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Using LiFi 2


  •   ARM 7
  •   VLC
  •   Li Fi
  •   Gas Sensor
  •   Temperature Sensor
  •   Alert system
  •   Control unit
  •   RS 232



  •   Keil
  •   Orcad design
  •   Flash magic
  •   Languages: Embedded c



  •   Automobile  Applications
  •   Hospital Application
  •   Industrial application
  •   Security Application

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