Vehicle Emissions Measurement Device using ESP32

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Vehicle Emissions Measurement Device using ESP32

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Vehicle Emissions Measurement Device using ESP32

Motor vehicles exhaust emissions containing harmful pollutant gases that can damage the environment and cause health problems for humans. To control the emission levels of vehicles, a motor vehicle emissions measurement is made. The purpose of this tool is to facilitate consumer to be aware of the exhaust emissions level. The hardware used in this tool include Web server or Mobile App as a viewer, ESP32 as the brain of this device and sensors as content measure of gases resulting from engines combustion, while the softwares used are Arduino IDE and App Inventor. The method used in this study is an experimental method that consists of data collection, data analysis, construction and testing. Carbon monoxide (CO) and hydro carbon (HC) can be measured and monitored by looking at the data displayed on android smartphone. Testing is done with three categories, namely: measurement with 1000 rpm, 2000 and 3000 rpm. Based on the results of tests performed it is known that the average error of HC gas measurement is 4% and the averaged error of CO gas measurement is CO 3.3%. The error is likely to occur due to the ability of gas sensors MQ-2 and MQ-7 to be less sensitive when measuring gas levels with a variety of interferences.

Hardware used

  • ESP32
  • MQ-5 Gas Sensor

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

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