Transmission line monitoring and control system using Raspberry Pi

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Transmission line monitoring and control system using Raspberry Pi

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In our society, though there are underground power lines, still there are power lines. Main problems that we are facing like, if there is any cable breakage in any lines, whole lines will become hazardous, so by using this Raspberry Pi system, those hazards can be prevented, which the system separate every line as separate nodes, if any cable line breakage occurs Raspberry Pi system finds that node and power down the previous node, instead of shutting down the whole power lines. So that hazards get prevented and also it is notified as an email with the node information which the power breakage occurs.



Transmission line monitoring and control system using Raspberry Pi


The above block diagram shows that the transmission line which contains power cables with some LED indicator connected on every node of Transmission line. To make the notification, the system is connected with the internet to notify the power breakage.



Raspberry Pi system is connected with the transmission line, it points each node in every transmission blocks, it will check for the connectivity in every node by interfacing some output device like light, it monitors every line, if it founds any transmission line had power breakage, then that node is identified, and it shutdowns the previous node and sends one notification mail to the transmission line in charge with its node name that breakage occurs.



  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI to VGA converter (optional, when connecting to Monitor)
  • Transmission line kit


  • SD Card Formatter
  • Win32 Disk Imager (or) Etcher



  • RPi.GPIO as GPIO (To access GPIO Pins of Raspberry Pi)
  • Time library (For Delay functions)



By using this system, hazards get avoided and also both monitoring as well as controlling those Transmission lines by cutting off the power on the previous node automatically.

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