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Top 25 Best Final Year Projects for ECE

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This blog post provides the abstracts and reference paper for the best Final year projects

Brain control Home Automation

Epilepsy Alert System

Self Driving Car

Path Planning robot using Lidar

Gesture control Home Automation

Leaf disease Detection using CNN

Communication for Paralyzed people

Raspberry pi based Blind Navigation Systems

Image Communication Based on Lifi

Real time object recognition using Deep Learning

Machine learning on FPGA-Object detection

FPGA based Industrial Automation using IOT

FPGA Based Image Fusion

Real time attendance Marking using Face Recognition

Face Emotion Recognition using Matlab or Opencv

Skin Cancer Detection

Diabetic retinopathy using Deep learning

Glaucoma detection using Deep Learning

License Plate recognition 

Vehicle Identification and Tracking

Brain controlled Wheelchair

Lifi based Blind Indoor Navigation

Forest Fire prediction using Iot

Automatic parking system using Iot Smart Irrigation system using Iot

Smart Waste Management using IoT

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