You are currently viewing Top 20 – 8051 Projects for Engineering Students

Top 20 – 8051 Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post contains projects based on 8051

8051 based Bluetooth control home automation

SCADA using zigbee and 8051

8051 based RFID toll gate

8051 based Vehicle Tracking

PIR based motion detection using 8051

Patient monitoring system using 8051

8051 based security systen

Industrial automation using 8051

Iot based Weather station using 8051

Agriculture motor control using GSM

GSM based home automation using 8051

Voice controlled home applicances using 8051

Automatic irrigation system using 8051

Tsunami alert system using 8051

Fire Detection and Alert System using 8051

Smart Dustbin using 8051 and IoT

8051 based Line following robot

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