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xds100 v2

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how you can connect xds100v2 to DSP F2812 and emulate with CCS V3.3?
Is there any special library needed? Because in CCS v3.3 there is not any XDS100 v2 in first configurations.
please help me about this???
in attached document it says that XDS100 v1 can be connected to CCS v3.1, how about XDS100 v2 and how?

  1. Interfacing_LEDs_with_TMS320F2812_DSP.pdf
Link to this post 06 Sep 14

CCSV3.1 doses not support XDS100V2,You could update the software to the latest version.

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To use XDS100 USB V2 Emulator I would recommend to go with Code Composer Studio V4.1 and later.