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Problem in UART of TMS320f2812

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I used your code for the UART program. You used SCIA but i want to use SCIB. So when i change the required things i dont get the output, but when i use scia i get the output.


#include "DSP281x_Device.h"

SysCtrlRegs 0x0068; // Setup the watchdog
// 0x00E8 to disable the Watchdog , Prescaler = 1
// 0x00AF to NOT disable the Watchdog, Prescaler = 64
SysCtrlRegs 0; // Watchdog generates a RESET
SysCtrlRegs.PLLCR.bit 10; // Setup the Clock PLL to multiply by 5

SysCtrlRegs.HISPCP 0x1; // Setup Highspeed Clock Prescaler to divide by 2
SysCtrlRegs.LOSPCP 0x2; // Setup Lowspeed CLock Prescaler to divide by 4

// Peripheral clock enables set for the Reset

Can you point out the mistakes in the above code that i am making.

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welcome to pantech, you said that you modified C file according to SCIB . could you please attach your C file so that i can check here.

Note: please don't upload c file , try to change the extension(.txt) as file.txt

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Here i attached your requested code. Please find in the attachment. This C file has verified with the TMS320F2812 kit., This code is working.

We transmitting a characters from TMS320F2812 kit to PC serial port. Please check the output at Hyperterminal on PC.

Note: please change the extension.txt to .c

  1. UART_SCIB_F2812.txt
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The problem using the SCI-B to transmit a string is already sorted out. Thanks for your code.
Now i wanted to receive a character via the SCI-B and thus generate an interrupt which will pull down the B port pins (to be exact B0 to B7). The sending of bits via the HyperTerminal to my custom board is all working as i have checked through an oscilloscope. So im receiving the character but the interrupt is not generated . I am also getting a value of C09C in my ScibRegs.RXBUF.all. This means i am getting parity and frame errors. But i dont know how and why.
Thanks for all your help

Much appreciated


  1. New Text Document (3).txt
  2. New Text Document (4).txt
  3. New Text Document (5).txt
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First check this code, This code will receive the character and transmit the same character to the PC HYPERTERMINAL, just like a loop back. if this code works please let me know , then i try for Interrupt coding.

Note: check and change the baud rates according to you.

  1. F2812_SCIB_RXandTX.txt
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Thiyagarajan S,

I ran your program and it is working fine on my computer

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Thank you so much
I finally got the output.