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am using PS-TYRO-TMS320F2812A pantech DSC kit ,in this board LCD is not available but am willing to connect the LCD for my project. i need help to which port can able to connect and i need your c code support this project ... may you help me in this ?????

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Karthi Keyan,

Actually we released the new TMS320F2812 Development kit with most of interfacing, if you willing to purchase a new kit for your project kindly refer the below link:

if not ready to purchase. No issues am ready to help with your PS-TYRO-TMS320F2812 DSC kit.

Actually LCD can able to interface with 8-bit mode or 4-bit mode,

For 8-bit mode totally 8 Data Lines and three Control lines are required.
For 4-bit mode totally 4 Data Lines and three Control lines are required.
(it's your choice depend upon the lines available)

In our TMS320F2812 DSC kit , we terminated these 4 expansion connector PORTA, PORTB, PORTD/E/G, PORTF for user purpose from this you may choose any port. kindly let me know what is your project and the pins you are used for your project then i guide you.

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my project is genrating 6pwm pulse in PORT B connector,so we can use remain three connector for LCD i want 8 bit mode,please tell me which port we use,and tell circuit logic also help me to do c coding ...

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Karthi Keyan,

I worked for you and am back with content for you. according to your project you are using PORT B Connector (i.e, Event Manager B you are using to generate the 6 PWM ).From the remaining port. I suggest you to choose the PORT A lines to interface 16x2 AlphaNumeric LCD.

The detailed Schematics logic is drawn and attached for you and i also i done the C Coding for you. Find the attachment please.

Schematics Details:
The VEE pin of LCD - Connect Variable resistor with 3.3v and Gnd (Tune for Contrast)
The VCC pin of LCD - Connect the 5V.
The GND pin of LCD - Connect the GND
Remaining pins of LCD are connected to the PORT A lines accordingly.

This Schematic and C coding for LCD Interfacing is verified with PS-TYRO-TMS320F2812 DSC kit. After Implementing this please let me know your status.

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  1. LCD.rar
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Can You help for 4 bit mode operation

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Do you need to interface tms320f2812 with LCD using 4 bit mode operation?

you need schematics or the source code?

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Source code is ok

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we will post it on monday

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I replied for your post, please follow the below link.

For more doubts regarding this issue post with details in the above link and follow their.