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Flash programming TMS320F2812

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I am using TMS320F2812 kit with CCS Ver3.3. When I tried to programm the on-chip Flash by using the on-chip flash programmer

(Tool->F28xx On-chip flash programmer), I get error message "Flash API Error #11: The Device Silicon Revision ID does notmatch that required by the Flash API".

The Flash API file is "FlashAPIInterface2812V1_0Beta.out" and my device is rev E.

I think I need to update the flash plug-in. I could not get any from TI update site, where can I get the update?


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Hi Raj,

The latest version for TMS320F2812 is Flash281x_API_V210. This API version 2.10 you can download from direct TI website itself.

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,