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File not found error in CCS studio V3.3 with ezDSP TMS320F2812 kit

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Dear Sir,

I have made a simple program from your tutorial of create and debug project in ccs studio 3.3.

The problem is that whenever I build my project it shows the error, "lab1.obj file not found".
The name of my c program is lab1.c. I dont know why this error comes, my C program compiled successfully.

Please help.


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Hi Ravi Pithadia,

Welcome to Pantech Team,

Could you please give more details about which product your working , its a pantech dsp board, or custom board or ezDSP board. ?
Kindly could you please attach your error screen shot image and lab1.c file . so that i solve your problem as soon. if possible zip and attach your project file too.

Be sure that your code composer studio v3.3 is installed without any error if you have any doubt in this kindly uninstall and reinstall the code composer studio...

Kindly follow this tutorials and video...
Tutorials :
Video :

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,

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Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your reply.

The problem is solved. I have re installed ccs studio and now it works fine.

Again thank you sir.

Ravi Pithadia