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Error Connecting to target

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Iam using TMS320F2812 Pantech kit and emulator XDS100 , i wrote code for ADC and it was built with ZERO errors. While i clicked on debug, i got the following error;

Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80000240/-116
Fatal Error during: Initialization, OCS,

Then i clicked on retry and observed the error as;

Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80000200/-1047
Fatal Error during: OCS,
PTI_ERR_EMU_CLOSE Error Occured at 0x00000000

Why is it so? iam not able to connect the target? can you pls help me in this?

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Kindly check the followings:

1. Check the PC USB port is enabled.

2. if USB enabled, then connect the emulator check the PC device manager in USB . it display as XDS100 Channel A , XDS100 Channel B

3. Check the VCC(3.3V & 1.8V) GND short.

4. Check the Board Voltages 3.3V and 1.8V

5. Check the input Clock 25Mhz at Y1 using Digital Oscillscope.

Let me know the above status of your board so that i solve your problem as soon...

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All of a sudden, it started working now.

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Good to hear this. you might have to aware of whatever happening in kit and you should try to troubleshoot. Don't let the system to take care itself. Go ahead with your project.