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Difference between ccs v3.3 and ccsv4

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Am using code composer studio v3.1 for TMS320F2812 target. am using your product only, tyro TMS320F2812 EVB. now i planned to use an higher version of code composer studio. but i confuse to choose whether ccsv3.3 or ccs v4 is better .

please suggest some idea and tell which version of code composer studio work with Tyro TMS320F2812 EVB KIT support....

Code Composer Studio v3.3 or Code Composer Studio v4 for TMS320F2812 ?

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always latest version is best to use , choice is yours.

We have working procedure for TMS320F2812 using both the version , kindly check our learning center in this website. Code Composer Studio v3.3 & Code Composer Studio v4 tutorial available for this product check the below link.

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
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