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To Calculate Machine Cycle

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Hi sir how do i calculate machine cycle for my TMS320C6745

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Arun Kumar R,

Its depend upon the crystal value you are using and the PLL configuration.
For Example :
Assume this following board

Crystal Used : 24Mhz
PLL configured for : 300Mhz

PRE_DIV is set to divide by 1
PLLM is set to 24. Multiplier Value = PLLM + 1., i.e, multiply by 25
POST_DIV is set to 1. Divider Value = RATIO + 1. post-divide by 2

note: Refer attached PLL functional block diagram to apply above calculation.

Machine cycle = 1/sysclk
= 1/300000000
= 3.33333333ns

  1. png
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Thanks for your solution sir