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TMS320c6745 pantech kit execution problem

Link to this post 28 Nov 13

sir we are using TMS320c6745 pantech kit , while executing the program the following error occur for allthe programs
exception occred during launch
reason:program file does not exist

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Link to this post 28 Nov 13


Welcome to pantech team...

As per error image, your project is not successfully build. Once the project is build it generate the (projectname.out) out file.

it displays a error as
" C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\ws\adap\debug\adap.out not found"
it mean your project was not successfully build. First try to build successfully, watch the below video to understand about the out file and working procedure of code composer studio.

watch this video for code composer studio tutorial :

if not solved your problem , Kindly let me know for which project (detailed) you are working and also attach that project file in Zip format .

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,