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am using your dsp TMS320C6745 kit. i need to run assembly coding in this kit. I want to implement the tms320c6745 assembly coding in your tms320c6745 dsp kit. please give a solution soon....

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Hi Raj,

Welcome to pantech team...
You can use C/Assembly coding in our TMS320C6745 dsp kit, as per your request i worked assembly programming in our TMS320C6745 dsp kit and attached the assembly project, working procedure and sample video for you. kindly make use of it and reply whether your problem was solved ..

Assembly Project and Working Procedure find in attachment.

For video tutorials:

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,

  1. asm.rar
  2. C6745 ASM General working Procedure.pdf
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Thanks for the query and feedback. Your customer support is really appreciable. I am also searching for this. Currently i am using DSP kit from other manufacturer .No customer support provided by them. I don’t know whether this will work for my kit. Any way I will try.
I want to know what are this gel ,and other supporting files.
also want to know port details of TMS320c6745(pin details).if u can provide a basic hardware tutorial then it will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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Sure we here to help you... Actually we using the standard gel files only. Little bit we changed at sysclock out, prediv and postdiv etc.., The TMS320C6745 gel file you can get at the installation path of Code Composer Studio. am using the code composer studio v4.

Path: C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ccsv4\emulation\gel

Kindly check at the above path. Path may vary depend upon the version you using.

Kindly find the attachment for pin details of TMS320C6745 ...

  1. tms320c6745_pin details.pdf
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I want the code for median filter that is used in code composer...
I am working on DSK 6713
please help

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Abhay Sonarkar,

Find the attachment for Median filter project of TMS320C6745 DSP Processor. This Median filter project source code is developed and verified the output with the following DSP kit.

Project video link:

Please always post a new queries in new topic:
Note: if you have further doubt about median filter project please create a new topic on the above link.

  1. image_medianfilter-c6745.rar