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Problem with TMS320C6745 DSP Kit

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Hi good evening to all, here i am using TMS320C6745. while debug time CCSv4 automatically closing why what happend i didn't understand , last two days i worked good only but this suddenly showing like this type of error. JVM Terminated Exit code=1. here i attached my code please check it let me know. in that i made it 4 images but how can i store this images in Processor. because of i have capture 4 images and as well as storing in processor. i made it program but i don't know how can i give address of memory location . please check let me know. i am going capture image size is 160x120... . i don't know how can i initialize address of memory location..... here i have to store 4 images and as well as i have to read images data from storing memory location .how can i store 4 images at the same time , because of our processor while running time it will capture only one image but how can i capture 4 images. from that image i have take values in DWT method..

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hi good morning to all , sir i made it different switches as per their address. but here i didn't understand 4 images how can store in SDRAM as well as how can i read.. please give some idea about this .here i attached my code just once check it sir.. here i didn't understand only one thing
*gpio_dir01 = 0xF000FFFF; for gpio Dir address is this one what about remaining *gpio_dir23,*gpio_dir45 *gpio_dir67 , how can i take 4 images at same time from camera please tell me

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Sreenu Naik,

1. I attached the camera documents for you, kindly go through it to get 4 picture.

2. To store images in the SDRAM of TMS320C6745 kit, kindly go through these below tutorial and also use this sample c code shows how to access the SDRAM.

3. *gpio_dir01 = 0xF000FFFF is not meant for switch 0 and 1 the address is 0xF000FFFF., Actually in our TMS320C6745 kit, the eight switches are connected into GPIO0_0 to GPIO0_7 and twelve LEDs are connected into GPIO1_0 to GPIO1_11. The GPIO signals are grouped by banks of 16 signals per bank. Each bank of GPIO signals has several registers with various control fields for each GPIO signal. Each 32-bit GPIO control register controls a pair of GPIO banks. for example, gpio_dir01 - This direction register have pair of Gpio 0 and Gpio 1 bank. Go through the below article to understand how to access the switches and leds and also have sample c code.

And also please go through this TMS320C6745 GPIO Datasheet manual, find in the attachment.