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hello good morning to every one , i made it three switches for Capturing Images in Camera coding , just once check it and let me know ,if anything mistakes means i will try to change switch positions here i done it DWT method also just go in that. because of whatever may be image i am going capture for that images i have to apply DWT method and after that I going to find out Equivalent distance b/w that images .........just check it and let me know sir..

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hello sir this is my code

  1. Uart_Tx_C674523.txt
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Sreenu Naik,

I checked your code., You could not able to receive three images because, in your code SYNC_Command(); function only will capture the image, you called this function only once in the whole program, kindly change the code as following,

1. write three function like SYNC_Command1();,SYNC_Command2();,SYNC_Command3();.
2. Also read three images and store it in different location,
for example:
PIXEL1[] for SYNC_Command1()
PIXEL2[] for SYNC_Command2()
PIXEL3[] for SYNC_Command3()

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Sir , i made it Sync commands and Pixel is different values but when i am trying to give header file in program but that output file is not creating . now what i need to do . how can i take between two images Enclidean distance ....... because of this i kept header file but that is showing linker error.... over memory .... now what procedure i need to follow find out enclidean distance between two images

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hello sir i made it sync and pixel's is different but i ma while capturing image first led glowing after that two leds not responding any thing please once check it sir ....... here i attached my code .......

  1. Uart_Tx_C6745234.txt
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Sreenu Naik,

after captured first image from camera you should properly reinitialize the camera to get next picture. Kindly go through the attached camera document. Meanwhile i will check here and update you soon.

  1. LCF OV528 Protocol.pdf
  2. RAW Module Description.pdf
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hi good afternoon sir *gpio_out_data01 &= ~CHANGE; this line in camera program. but actually what's this workin of this line i didn't understand, sir i worked on Friday that time is fine but today i am working on same code but that is not ready to capture image... when i am clicking RUN button in DSP Processor that time tx led blinking ha penning but rx led does not respond any other things sir ... please tell now what procedure i need to follow

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Sreenu Raik,

* gpio_out_data01 &= ~CHANGE This line will off the corresponding LEDs in board., kindly the reset the camera then again debug.

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Sreenu Naik,

if yet your camera not able to read image means, please kindly find the attachment. In this post i attached the uart camera module software. power the uart camera and connect the uart straight cable in between PC and Camera. Run the uCamDemo-rev2 software read the image and you can reset your camera using this software, then connect the uart cross cable in between camera and TMS320C6745. Now you may successfully start read the image using TMS320C6745 kit.

Please update here, once you got output from the uart camera.

  1. uCamDemo-rev2.rar
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Dear sir, I am Resetting camera using ucamDemo that time i am capturing image but when i am connecting to TMS320C6745 kit , that time i am not receiving image from camera ........ actually i worked on Friday this all the codes that day working fine only but last two days i am not able to capture images from camera using same programs . what happened also i am not understanding please give any suggestions capturing image from camera. i attached my code here just once check it and let me know.....

  1. Uart_Tx_C674543f.txt
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hi sir, good morning, sir did u have any sample code to read and write a text file using code composer... am working on 6745

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