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CMOS doubts

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hi sir, i had used that code given by u, its working....actually am developing real time sobel edge detection code on tms processor. but as per my requirement i need gray scale image..

now using this camera i had took a 16bit image and i planned to separate R,G,B panels..i had made that code, but the thing is its showing .far memory problem (so i make that .far as DSPRAM to SDRAM)

later if i debug but its not capture the i had attached that code, kindly check it

  1. sam.txt
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To convert RGB to Gray scale

The lightness method averages the most prominent and least prominent colors: (max(R, G, B) + min(R, G, B)) / 2.

The average method simply averages the values: (R + G + B) / 3.

The luminosity method is a more sophisticated version of the average method. It also averages the values, but it forms a weighted average to account for human perception. We’re more sensitive to green than other colors, so green is weighted most heavily. The formula for luminosity is 0.21 R + 0.72 G + 0.07 B.

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am performing on 16 bit, not a 8bit image...

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Regarding your memory issues kindly go through the TMS320C6000 optimizing compiler user guide. i attached here.

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