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Urgent-Regarding TMS320c5505 UART

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Im having a doubt regarding UART of TMS320c5505. I just build the sample code given by you in which it is specified that

Baud Rate=2400.
data bit=8.
stop bit=1.
No parity.

so i configured my hyper terminal as above. Then i succeeded connecting to the target board.

The problem is when i run the code im getting only noise in hyper terminal. Seems a baud rate problem.

I even tried some other baud rates, the result is same.

Can u help me in this.

Here i have attached ma Uart set up and terminal output images.

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Welcome to Pantech Team , We here to help you.

Could you please able to attach your c file and so that i verify and tell.. If possible attach a complete project file as rar format.

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,

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Here I attached my Project. Please go through it and let me know where i'm going wrong. Also i don't know the frequency of your on board crystal . so help me in this :)

Thanks in Advance:)

  1. UART.rar
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I used your project, their is completely wrong from beginning so i cant follow your project. Here i attached the simple UART Transmit code for TMS320C5505 board. it might be useful. This project you can directly import to code composer studio v4 and it keeps on transmitting the string "The UART-C5505 is fine !" through UART. Kindly Check the output at Hyper Terminal.

And Also i attached the detailed working procedure for this project. Kindly look the attachments.

Please let me know, if your problem come solves with this.

You can get more about TMS320C5505 Kit at the following link(Source Code, Tutorials etc..,),

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,

  1. C5505 working Procedure for uart.pdf
  2. C5505_Uart.rar
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Hi Thiyagarajan ,

Thanks a lot for helping me in this. Its working fine now :)