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Regarding Audio input

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Hi ,
Im trying to interface a mic to TMS320c5505 kit so that i can communicate with the codec. i can hear the pre-generated sample audio in my head phone. but when i try to give a input through my i cant hear anything. I think im having trouble in interfacing the mic with codec. Can u please help me in this .

Here i attached ma project code.

  1. echo-generation.rar
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Am requesting to connect 3.5mm Stereo Jack male connector for mic ( Note: short the male connector left(L) & right(R) channel to mic output ) because kit having 3.5mm stereo EP Socket. if problem not solved Kindly give more details regarding your problem ... we here to help to you...

Feel free to post here if you have any further query.
Thanks and Regards,

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After following procedure of CCS software,we have problems occurred in debug window. so can you give me the solution on following problems
The problems are:

1)Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
cannot find file "usbstk5515bsl.lib"
2) Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
errors encountered during linking; "audiocode.out" not built

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Sagar Kashid,

your error seems their is a problem while compiling and linking, Code Composer Studio IDE cant able to generate the output file because, the library file may missed or you not providing the library file path in project properties.

Could you please check whether the proper library file path is updated in IDE,
Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> C5500 Linker -> File Search Path ->

  1. png