Three phase SRM control using DSPIC

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This product describes the basic operation of switched reluctance motors (SRM) and demonstrates how a DSPIC Micro controller based SRM drive can be used to achieve a wide range of speed control.

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This setup consists

  • dsPIC30F4011 based controller
  • SRM Power module.
  • Three Phase SR Motor.


  • Micro Chip dsPIC30F4011 16 Bit signal controller operating @ 20 MIPS.
  • 48KB Flash memory
  • 1 KB data EEPROM
  • 24 KB RAM for data memory
  • 16 bit timer counter
  • 6 Motor control/PWM with programmable dead band terminated at 20 pin FRC Connector
  • 2 capture inputs terminated at 20 pin FRC connector.
  • 6 Canal 10 Bit 0-5V ADC buffered and terminated at 20 pin FRC connector.
  • 20X4 Alphanumeric LCD Display
  • 4 switches provided for user input.
  • Reset switches provided for hardware reset
  • 1 UART is terminated at 9 pin connector


  • 1HP
  • 120V 
  • 3 Phase SRM
  • 8/6 Pole
  • 3000 RPM
  • Motor with loading arrangements
  • Inbuilt Position Sensor

Demo Video


SRM Power Module

  • High speed opto provided for all IGBT PWM isolation.
  • 1 no. DC analog Voltmeter provided for voltage measurement.
  • 1 no. over current trip circuit with indicator and reset switch provided for protection.
  • 3 no’s of Hall Effect Current sensor with signal conditioning circuit provided for output.
  • 3 no’s of LED provided in front panel for SR position status indication.
  • 3 no’s of LED provided in front panel for indication of pulses.
  • Test points provided in the front panel for PWM and current waveform measurement.
  • 1 no of illuminated rocker switch provided for Power ON/OFF with fuse protection.
  • All are mounted in stylish metal cabinet with sticker front panel.
  • Provision for external controller pulse input.

Bundle Contents

  • DSPIC30F4011 Board
  • RS232 Motor Feedback Cable
  • Power Adaptor & Power card
  • Patch cards
  • CD: Manual, MPLAB IDE, Example Codes

Mimic Diagram

Front Pannel Details:

Schematic for SRM Power Circuit




Key Functions

                   Key 1:  Increment (Set/Duty)

                   Key 2:  Decrement (Set/Duty)

                   Key 3:  Enter function.


SR MOTOR Inductance Profile

*This readings are varied depends on the motor



SR MOTOR Inductance Profile Graph

  * This inductance profile graph varied depends on Motor.


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