How to Interface Relay with AVR Slicker,Testing the Relay with AVR Slicker

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Testing the Relay with AVR Slicker

Give +12V power supply to AVR Slicker Board; the Relay module is connected with AVR Slicker Board. When the program is downloading into AVR in Slicker Board, the Relay module is ready to work. Connect the serial port cable from pc comm., Port to AVR Slicker board. The relay will be ON if the controller receive the character ‘C’ and OFF if it receives ‘D’.

If you are not getting any output from Relay, then you just check the configuration switch settings & check the Relay is connected properly. Otherwise you just check it with debugging mode in CodeVisionAVR.

General Information

  • For proper working use the components of exact values as shown in Circuit file. Wherever possible use new components.
  • Solder everything in a clean way. A major problem arises due to improper soldering, solder jumps and loose joints.
  • Use the exact value crystal shown in schematic.
  • More instructions are available in following articles,
    - User Manual of AVR Slicker Board.
    - How to create & Debug a Project in CodeVision AVR .

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