Ten20 Conductive Paste

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Ten20 conductive paste is used to stick EEG electrodes directly to the skin for a secure connection. Simply place a small mound on the prepared site and gently press the flat disk or cup sensor into the mound of paste. The more you spread the mound, the more area the sensor will “see”. Try to spread within the diameter of the sensor itself. This paste is for the OpenBCI Gold Cup Electrodes.

Ten 20 paste is water soluble for easy clean up with warm water.

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Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste Features:

  • Fast Clean Up: The Ten20’s washable, non-drying formula makes it very easy to clean up. Simply wash with warm water to remove; no harsh chemicals are required.
  • Simple to Use: Ten20 Conductive Paste is supplied in a 3-pack of convenient jars or tubes for every need. All products contain an expiration date and a complete list of ingredients to promote patient safety.
  • Easy to Store: All products are packaged in easy to store boxes that should be stored at room temperature. Every product has a 3-year shelf-life marked on the box and the individual containers.

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