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Need help interfacing ENC28J60 with LPC2148

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I am trying to do remote temperature monitoring with lpc2148 blue board. To connect it to the net I'm using ENC28J60 controller. I am using Adam Dunkel uIP TCP/IP stack. I have initialized the enc28j60 correctly but when try to ping it from computer it says source unreachable, but in controller packet receive loop I'm getting HEX 36 value which should enter ARP request but its not going in there.

It would be great help if someone would post the working demo of the lpc2148 and enc28j60 or guide me what might be wrong it would really help.

Thanks all,

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There are two ways to connect ur board with PC,
1. PC--LAN switch/hub--Board: Here u have to use LAN straight cable
2. PC--Board via LAN cross cable.

The second method is very useful to test with one single computer.

The source unreachable may be due to many reasons, but the quick fix will be as following,
1. The ip address of ur computer and ENC28j60 board should be of same type
ie (PC), Only the last digit should vary.
So change the ip address of ur computer to match with ur board address
2. Use the Correct LAN cable to test the project.

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pls go thru the attached code it worked well with our board

  1. SPI-Ethernet.rar
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I got following error while compiling your demo project.
Rebuild target 'LPC214X'
assembling Startup.S...
Startup.S: Warning: A3910W: Old syntax, please use '--list='.
Startup.S(1): error: A1167E: Invalid line start
Please find attached log for more details log.
Please help me. What should i do?

  1. error-log.txt
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Hi Monark,
I checked the above code.Its working properly.So may i know your software(Keil) details

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I tried to run the demo code given in the above file (SPI-ETHERNET.rar ) but it is giving linking errors. Plz help.

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Could i get the screen shot of the error thanks

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Can you send that source code.

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You can try this code in Keil3 version.Because that object files are mismatched for keil4

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thanks a lot sir.

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sir, where to dowmload µVision3 from?

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just google you could get the download links, as we cannot post unauthorized links of uVision3.

as we will be facing legal issues.


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sir, i got it but when lpc2148 is selected, its gives a toolchain error.

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Can you send the screen shot of error

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It seems that you have no installed compiler for ARM
Install the MDKARM compiler.

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sir can u explain thr process??

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can you explain how to use keil-CARM with lpc2148??

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we have lot of tutorials on our youtube channel, like how to create a project in keil and download using flash magic,apart from the video tutorials we also have how to articles listed in our website.Pls go thru it.

Hope it helps


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@S Siva
sir, like you told above project got compiled in keil 3 but it doesnt support lpc2148 ?

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Shahzadpreet Singh,

That project will support LPC2148 also.

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Dear Siva Sir,
I am also working on the same project.The linking errors are not there with kiel uvision3 but the error i am getting is with is Error:failed to execute Bin40/ArmCC.
please suggest to resolve this error and please suggest which realview complire is necessary for this project