Speed Control of DC Motor with eddy Current Load

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Speed Control of DC Motor with eddy Current Load




Electrical motor servo systems are indispensable in modern industries. Servo motors are used in a variety of applications in industrial tectonics and robotics that includes precision positioning as well as speed control [9]. Servomotors use feedback controller to control the speed or the position, or both. The basic continuous feedback Controller is PID controller which possesses good performance. However is adaptive enough only with flexible tuning. Although many advanced control techniques such as self-tuning control, model reference adaptive control, sliding mode control and fuzzy control have been proposed to improve system performances, the conventional PI/PID controllers are still dominant in majority of real-world servo systems.


  • Single Quadrant MOSFET chopper provided for forward direction.
  • MOSFET driver provided.
  • Op-Amp based PID Controller for control circuit.
  • Two no 7 segment display to indicate the set speed and actual speed in (0-1500).
  • One potentiometer is provided to vary the motor speed up to 1500 RPM.
  • +15V DC&-15VDC, for control circuit, 24V DC for Power Circuit.

Mechanical Setup

  • One PMDC 24 volt motor.
  • Motor speed 1500rpm.
  • One MOC 7811 sensor provided at the motor speed shaft for position of the sensor.


  • To obtain the Speed Vs voltage characteristics of the DC motor.
  • To obtain Speed vs Torque characteristics and Ia vs Torque Characteristics.
  • To determine the motor gain constant km and torque constant kt, Plot Eb Vs T and find kb.
  • Study the response in a DC servo motor for step input.
  • Study the frequency response of the DC servo motor.
  • Study the response of DC Servo motor with Ramp input.
  • Study the Time response analysis of the DC servo motor control system using PID controller.
  • Study the operation of the power amplifier and to calculate its gain.
  • Study the speed feedback circuit and to calculate the speed feedback gain kT
  • Study of error amplifier.
  • Study of controller.
  • Study the steady state error and the transient response of the closed loop control system with proportional controller.
  • Study the effect of load torque on the speed of the motor on open loop and on closed loop with proportional controller study the performance of the closed loop control system with PI controller.
  • Study the performance of the closed loop system with PID controller.

Technical Specification

  • Kit Working voltage :(220-240)VAC
  • Input Voltage :24V AC
  • Input Frequency :50Hz
  • Output Voltage :0 TO 24V DC
  • Output Current :1Amps

Bundle Contents

  • Dc position control system
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 1A Fuse
  • Manual

Additional information

Weight 1.000000 kg


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