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Zynq FPGA board not working with System Generator

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I Purchased Zynq FPGA board from Pantech Prolab. I am able to Program Zynq FPGA through Impact tool but can't Program it with System generator hardware co-simulation tool.

Steps I followed.
create QPSK modulation in matlab with xilinx blockset and through system generator hardware cosimulation option i created qpsk block set and try to programm it to zynq board. it display following error.

Could not find a ARM device on the board. Please check if the target is in:

1. Split JTAG mode - No operations are possible with ARM DAP

2. Non Jtag bootmode - Bootrom may need time to enable DAP. Please try again

Error occurred during "Simulation Initialization".


Link to this post 17 Jan 14

More Info

Tool used: Xilinx 14.7 , matlab 2013b

Link to this post 17 Jan 14

Hello Raj

Can you confirm if you have followed all the steps as per “Supporting New Boards through JTAG Hardware Co-Simulation” of UG640
If yes, use the bit file generated from hardware cosim and program FPGA using impact and re-run the simulation and check how it goes.


Generate the hardware co-simulation block and make connections

2. Use impact to configure FPGA . Use the bit file from bit file from the location

3. After successful of FPGA configuration. Checks skip device configuration option. Run the co-simulation

4. You can observe the correct output. You can see here simulation and co-simulation results are matching

Hope this helps.

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Hi shahul,
Thanks for the prompt reply. finally i programmed Zynq FPGA successfully in System generator.